Handmade Sandwiches and Local Goods

Opening 2017 in Harrisonburg, VA


A sandwich shop and market celebrating the best the Shenandoah Valley has to offer. Sandwiches made-to-order and served on house-made sourdough bread; carefully selected goods for your pantry including locally sourced meats, cheeses, honey, and house-made kimchi, krauts, pickles, and more.

A farm-to-table focus that supports local growers and makers while nourishing guests with a unique and tasty culinary experience.


Sourcing ingredients sustainably to secure a healthy food web and integrating practices that reduce waste and energy consumption.


Working with purpose, skill, and intention, to cultivate a culture of integrity and respect for food and people. 


Offering events and crafting a day-to-day space for our community to gather and enjoy, educate and inspire, celebrate and dream.