Do you deliver? 

YES! We offer delivery through Giddy Up! Courier. $5 delivery fee. 

For lunch delivery, call the shop and place your order by 11:30AM and it will be delivered by 12:30PM

For dinner delivery, call the shop and place your order by 6:30PM and it will be delivered by 7:30PM

Delivery only available in the Giddy Up! delivery zone. Not sure if you're in the zone? We'll check for you when you call to place your order.

Do you have gluten-free options? 

Gluten-free bread is available upon request.

Do you offer group catering (i.e. for a business lunch)? 

Yes! Please contact us with your event details; we will do our best to accommodate your inquiry. (When we say group catering, we mean larger orders of sandwiches and other goods to be picked up by the customer for an event, or possibly delivered by us at extra charge.)

Do you offer event catering? 

Not at the moment but we do plan to incorporate event catering in the future. You are welcome to send an event catering inquiry and we may be able to accommodate it, but please be aware that at the moment we are not set-up to provide off-site catering. You can absolutely, however, host a private event at Gray Jay! See the next FAQ.

Can I host a private event - like a group dinner or birthday party - at Gray Jay? 

Yes. Contact us with the details. We'd love to host your event and create a special menu for you.

Are all of your market items and sandwich ingredients local? 

No. Part of our vision is to support local and seasonal ways of eating but, as many of you know, this is quite a challenge in the modern American food system that is predominantly non-local and non-seasonal. While our market items and sandwich ingredients are not 100% local or seasonal, we do our best to curate our kitchen and market inventory from local growers, producers, and makers. We put significant time and energy into building relationships with the folks whose goods we feature in our sandwiches and market. When possible we visit their farms and productions sites to learn as much as we can about their growing and production methods. We want to learn about the particular challenges and opportunities they face and how our relationship can be mutually beneficial and beneficial for our customers and our planet.

A significant portion of our market items including teas, coffee, some cheeses and meats, vinegars, veggie burgers, chocolate, and more, are sourced locally. Our sandwich bread is made in house. Our sandwich meats are sourced locally and are prepared in-house; we only source non-locally if our local providers are out of stock. The same is true for vegetables and fruits. We also seek to provide our customers with products of superior excellence; as such you will see some imported items on our shelves. We do seek to limit the number of items coming from outside our bioregion. Never hesitate to ask about where and how our goods are sourced; we're happy to share with you and we are honest about the vision and values we seek to uphold and the reality that this is a work in progress.

You talk about ecological integrity and ecological responsibility, can you share more about that?

Our hope is that Gray Jay Provisions can provide our community with food that nourishes both people and planet. We are committed to procuring items that are produced in ways that are ecologically responsible. To that end, we seek products that are produced without pesticides and harsh chemicals that harm people and environment. As much as we can, we source products that are produced in ways that support ecological healing and repair. We avoid the use of plastic; the majority of our bottled-beverages come in glass or aluminum. Our to-go containers, straws (available on request), and coffee cups are compostable. We limit waste in our kitchen, using ingredients to their full extent, such as creating delicious and nutritious stocks out of bones, and croutons out of bread loaf ends. Most of any remaining food scraps are either composted or go to feed a local farmer's pigs! If you have questions about our practices, please ask.